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Grass Cutting Services

Why should homeowners conduct frequent grass cutting?

With Singapore’s hot climate, 31 Degree Celsius, the grass would never go dormant or hibernate such as grass in other regions that consist of Winter. Our homes must have a beautiful garden that will be worthy of glances from onlookers. To do that, frequent cutting should be done for your garden. Though a monthly frequency is enough, the best way to make sure your garden remains beautiful is by cutting the grass every 2 weeks. This will guarantee that your garden is in tiptop condition.

Advantages of Grass Cutting.

Frequently cutting the grass in your garden will not only guarantee it being beautiful, it also minimizes problems in your garden. Some examples of these issues are pests, diseases, and dangerous animals.

Equipment used to conduct the activity.

The common equipment used are the Lawn Mower, Backpack Grass Cutter and the blower / rake. A Lawn Mower is mainly used for bigger gardens. This is because it is faster and more efficient to use a Lawn Mower as it ensures an even cut and disperses grass clippings onto your garden.

A blower / rake is a priority in most garden maintenance activity because it is used to clean up the mess that the machines make. It will also disperse the grass clippings evenly onto the garden (if used properly).

Take away from this.

In conclusion, a frequent grass cutting should be done to make sure that it is in tiptop condition and free of pests or diseases.

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